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  • Ideal for running
  • Great taste, Calorie controled
  • An easy way to boost energy, stamina and endurance


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As Herbalife Distributors (based in Cambridge) we specialise in helping clients lose weight combined with running

Our plans are easy to follow, will help you feel great and designed to help you get the best possible running results.

3 Different Options...

There are 3 different running diet plans, depending on your objectives.

Simply select the running meal options from below:


Regular RunningrunningMore Details

Trail, Mud or Ultra RunningspartanraceMore Details

Running to Lose Weight ?scales2More Details


New to Running ?

Often just very simple changes to how you run, what you wear and what you eat can have a major impact on your running success and help you look good running. Below you will find the 3 basic items to focus on:


  1. How to start running when out of shape - The 6 key elements that will help you get the best results. More Details
  2. Sexy running technique - How to identify your natural running technique. More Details
  3. Sports geek or Classy runner ? - Find out what clothes to wear to look your best. More Details


3 Different running ideas

Yes, simply 'going out of the gate' and running the same route is easy.

But there are a number of alternative running methods that are more effective, a lot more fun and enjoyable and even better for your body, fitness and shape.

Why not have a look at the top 3 ideas: