5K Running Plan week 3

Adding intensity …

In this week you will be adding ‘intensity’ to your workout, helping your body take the next step.

As with all weeks in this program, try to focus on a balance between pushing yourself and allowing enough time to fully recover.

One of the goals of the more intense workouts in Week Three is to train your body to work harder under high-stress conditions.

The video below provides a step by step guide :

What to do after training

As you are ‘stepping up a gear’ the actions you take after training become increasingly important.

  • Yes, post-workout ‘stretching’ has to be a key element
  • But in addition your post workout ‘nutrition’ is equally important

Protein, Carbs…

When many people think of post workout recovery, they think of protein. (protein helps your muscles rebuild) But it’s really only one of two elements that play an essential role in recovery by promoting the synthesis of new muscle.

The other element, and often less emphasized, is the replenishment of glycogen.

In other words, it’s important to replace the carbohydrates your body burns as a fuel source during exercise.

Beginner ?

If you are just starting then a specialised post exercise ‘shake’ is probably not yet essential.

However, do have a look at the ‘intermediate or advanced’ section below – as helping a specialised drink will help at all levels.

Intermediate or Advanced Runner ?

It’s advised that you take both carbohydrate and protein as soon as possible after the completion of your workout, specifically within the first 30 minutes. This is the time when your body is primed for the absorption of nutrients to ensure that you get the most out of both your training and recovery nutrition.

Training Plan Week 3

Select below for your 3rd week training plan :

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Jog 8 mins, Walk 4 mins

repeat x 3

Rest or walk


Jog 6 mins, Walk 2 mins

repeat x 4

Rest or gym

Jog 6 mins, Walk 2 mins

repeat x 4



Jog 15 min

Cross Train


Jog 20 mins


Jog 12 mins, Walk 3 mins

repeat x 2



Cross Train or Jog 30 mins

Cross Train


Jog 30 mins,

gym 45 mins

Medium Run 10 min, Jog 5 mins

repeat x 2



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