5k running plan week 4

From Running to Racing…

how to run 5 kThe objective of week 4 is to take your running to the next level and push the boundaries of your fitness.

You will be doing this by pushing the threshold of your maximum level of sustainable effort. The plan will show you how to achieve this by doing intervals lasting between 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

The aim of this is to fine-tune your fitness and get your body from running shape to racing shape.

Don’t forget that as your training intensity increases you will need more recovery time.

The video below provides a step by step guide :

From Fat to Carbs…

In the earlier stages of your plan we focused on fat as an energy source, due to the ‘low intensity’ training plan.

However as your workout intensity increases, reliance on carbohydrates for fuel increases as well.

For this, we utilize two forms of glucose:

  1. glucose in the blood known as blood sugar,
  2. and a form of glucose stored in muscle and the liver, called glycogen.


Most people have enough stored energy to exercise for about an hour at maximum intensity before depleting glycogen. If they do not eat after that point, their performance will sharply decline.

To put that in perspective for running, a typical marathon requires about 2,000 calories of energy, roughly the body’s entire reserve. While a car may drive at any speed the driver wants it until the fuel is gone, our glycogen reserve is different. Performance gradually decreases as our fuel, or glucose, is depleted.

For your 5 k run it is very important to have enough stored energy in your system, which is why the ‘low glycemic index’ fuel mentioned in week 1 (such as the formula 1 sport shake) is so important. (which would probably be sufficient for your 1st 5 k run)

But if you really want to ‘boost your times’ have a look at the intermediate or advanced section below.

Intermediate or Advanced Runner

If you are serious about boosting results try to ‘top up’ before training with the right fuel.

Yes (on average) a 5k run should take about 30 minutes. for most people. But by boosting your pre-race fuel intake this will make running easier

Training Plan Week 4

Select below for your 4th week training plan :

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Jog 10 mins, Walk 3 mins

repeat x 2

Rest or walk


Jog 8 mins, Walk 2mins

repeat x 4

Rest or gym

Jog 8 mins, Walk 2 mins

repeat x 4



Jog 10 mins, Walk 3 mins

repeat x 3

Hike, Jog or walk


Jog 30 mins


Jog 10 mins, Walk 3 mins

repeat x 3



Cross Train or Jog 45 mins

Cross Train


Jog 45 mins

gym 45 mins

Medium Run 10 min, Jog 5 mins

repeat x 3


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