The 3 day trial pack

How to try the ideal runners meal.

A very easy way to see how it will work for you


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The 3 day trial pack

How to try the ideal runners meal

herbalife trial packThe 3 Day Trial Pack is a very simple and easy way to test a runners meal.

Ideal if you just

  • Want a quick and easy meal ideal for running
  • Maybe lose a few lbs, 1 stone or more.


And will work if you have just started running or are training for an marathon or ultra run

The 3 day trial pack contains exactly the right products to help you make your own assessment.


The pack contains 2 products

1. Delicious Shakes

6 Quick Meals ideal for Running

Easy to make shakes with an extra boost of protein.

The shakes can be blended with water, juice or milk and are  ideal you want a ..

  • Quick & Easy Breakfast
  • Meal ideal for Running
  • Boost energy, stamina and Feel Great

2. An Instant Herbal Beverage

Tired, Overweight, a Little Low ?

The green tea based herbal beverage combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern day ingenuity to contribute to your well-being and help support modern vitality.

Enjoy daily as a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee or tea.

The ideal drink..

  • An instant energy boost
  • Counts as fluid intake
  • Ideal for weight loss, running, exercise..



Your own plan…fitsmoothiemain

The plan also automatically includes a personal running and weight loss recommendation.

We email you a link to our specialised questionnaire so that when you are trying the plan we will email you a fully personalised recommendation.


More information

To order, for a more detailed explanation and prices visit our Herbal Energy website (Which contains all the products, shakes & plans):

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