Breakfast for Runners

The ideal breakfast for runners.
Quick & Easy to make



The ideal breakfast for runnersideal runners breakfast

Whether you have just started running, or maybe running 5k, 1/2 or a full marathon.

Then simply replacing your breakfast with a smoothie or shake will provide you with the ulimate ‘quick & easy’ runners meal:

Replacing your breakfast with a shake or smoothie is a very easy way to help:

  • Boost Energy
  • Runner Longer (Help Stamina)
  • Better & Faster Recovery
  • Lose Weight



So, Why are Shakes & Smoothies

The ideal runners breakfast?running weight loss shakes

Because the right breakfast will makes a real difference to your running results.

Whether you are going for a quick Sunday morning run, a 5k run or taking part in a marathan the right breakfast will not only help with comfort but also help your energy, stamina & recovery.

A key advantage of using shakes & smoothies as the ideal runners breakfast is that they can be personalised around your specific running goals & objectives:

For example there are

  • Low Calorie / High Energy Mix Powders – ideal if you are running to lose weight / get fit
  • Specialised extra energy powders – ideal if you are running 5k or a 1/2 marathon
  • Or extra calorie powders – ideal for a marathon, trail run, etc.


Very easy to make you can blend them with water, milk & juice.


Why not just try it ?

breakfast for runners

The Trial Pack

There is a very easy & simple way to see how it would work for you.

We have a trial plan with shake satchets so you can simply try it for yourself.

Even if you just replace 1 breakfast you will notice a difference.

How to try the ideal runners Breakfast



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