Ideal Meals for Runners

Our 3 Most Popular Meals

Easy to make Shake & Smoothie Meals that will fill you up, boost energy & stamina.

Ideal for Beginners, 5k + or Specialised Requirements.

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Ideal Meals for Runners

Quick & Easy to make & very effectiverunner shakes

Shakes & Smoothies are the ideal meal for runners.

Quick & Easy to make they can be designed around your own specific goals & hurdles. For example there are simple meals that are ideal if you are a regular or new runner, maybe running to lose a bit of weight and get fit.

Or there are specialised meals that are designed for 5k or more runners, in addition there are options of meals before or after running, etc.

For example:

If you are a Regular Runner or Beginner

Why not try a basic shake that will fill you up & boost energy?Ideal Meals for Runners

This is the type of shake we recommend for runners wanting to lose weight and/or get better running results.

  1. Quick & Easy to Make
  2. Calorie controlled (ideal for weight loss)
  3. Makes running a lot easier.


You can make it either simple by just blending it with water, juice or milk.

Or personalise for best results by adding protein powder or other extra ingredients


If you have some food intolerances

For example no Gluten, Lactose or Soy

Then ‘restricted’ diets can have a real impact on your energy levels.

Making a specialised shake or smoothie can be the ideal meal for runners – for example there are specialised mix powders designed to be calorie controlled and are ideal when running.

For details follow the links further down the page


When going on a 5k Run or Longer, Mud or Trail Run

You need extra Energy, Protein & Nutrients

Then the ideal meal for runners is a specialised shake designed for longer distance runners.

  • As above only 219 kcal per serving to help manage your calorific intake
  • Extra protein (18g) to help growth of lean muscle mass
  • Unique protein-carbohydrate blend with fibre and essential vitamins and minerals
  • Vitamins C, E and Selenium help to protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress

The ideal pre-running shake to help you boost your results.


Why not just try it?

quick meal for runners

The Trial Pack

There is a very easy & simple way to see how it would work for you.

We have a trial plan with shake sachets so you can simply try it for yourself.

Even if you just replace 1 meal you will notice a difference.

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