The Ideal Runners Breakfast

Quick & Very Easy to make.

Will fill you up, Boost energy and tastes great

Available from Herbal Energy



The ideal runners breakfast.ideal runners breakfast

How did you start your day?

Some cereal, a slice of toast or maybe you skipped it?

Did you know that if all you did was replace your breakfast with the right shake…

This would:

  • Fill you up (‘Less snacking’)
  • Boost Your Energy Levels
  • Boost your Health
  • Help you get better running results
  • And also help you Lose Weight



So, Why are Shakes & Smoothies

The ideal runners breakfast?running weight loss shakes

Because the right breakfast will makes a real difference to your running results.

A key advantage of using shakes & smoothies as the ideal runners breakfast is that they can be personalised around your specific running goals & objectives.

So that if you are going for a quick Sunday morning run, or a 5k run or taking part in a marathan the right breakfast will not only help with comfort but also help your energy, stamina & recovery.

For example there are

  • Low Calorie / High Energy Mix Powders – ideal if you are running to lose weight / get fit
  • Specialised extra energy powders – ideal if you are running 5k or a 1/2 marathon
  • Or extra calorie powders – ideal for a marathon, trail run, etc.


Very easy to make you can blend them with water, milk & juice.


Why not try it ?

runners breakfast shake

The Trial Pack

There is a very easy & simple way to see how it would work for you.

We have a trial plan with shake sachets so you can simply try it for yourself.

Even if you just replace 1 breakfast you will notice a difference.

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